The Adventures of the Little Blue Ball

The Story Behind The Little Blue Ball
Once upon a time Brandon was walking in a building on campus and found this annoying blue ball. Legend has it that the blue ball was given to the mayans by aliens. It somehow made its way to UMD and now from multiple people in FCA, it hopped around from person to person, day to day. This is the blog that follows the adventures of the little blue ball. To submit a picture to prove evidence that you didn't have the ball last, hit submit on the right side of this webpage!

The person you pass the ball onto must be aware of the game they are now playing.

You must pass the ball on to someone (you can't just leave it on the table)

You must take a picture at the time of transaction when you give someone the ball.

If there is no evidence of who you left the ball with, you will be deemed the loser.

Loser buys all players lunch at the end of the year.

The ball will explode on 12/21/12
The Adventures of the Little Blue Ball